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Macware macWebsite Creator - Flux 3 coupon code

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Special Offer: Save 20% on Macware macWebsite Creator - Flux 3

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macWebsite Creator - Flux 3 (Box)
macWebsite Creator - Flux 3 (Download)

Price: $49.99   $39.99

Valid Until: 31 March 2021

Countries Valid: Worldwide

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Macware macWebsite Creator - Flux 3 Product Description:

Macware macWebsite Creator - Flux 3 is an HTML5 website design solution which allows you to create and publish impressive websites. Provides free pre-designed site templates so those more inexperienced can get started quickly. More advanced users can use advanced code editing features.

• WYSIWYG rendering engine
• Advanced font support, Google Font API support
• Possible to import and edit an existing website
• Add widgets
• Create website forms
• Add Flash, YouTube, QuickTime, Java Applet media objects
• Publish site to FTP or MobileMe

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